The new social network for restaurants, patisseries, sandwich bars, pizzerias, agritourism, night clubs, fairs, festivals, etc.

Subscribe and upload videos made by you with your tablet or from YouTube, from 3 to 15 minutes of video of your restaurant, pizzeria, pastry shop, bar, of the outside, of the kitchen, the garden, the special rooms, with customers at a party, etc.
Make videos of your city’s culinary traditions and match them with bottles.
Also upload videos of your city to show to everyone.

This social network will make you known all over the world!

We add videos from the foreign city you like from YouTube, add videos of a mountain, countryside, lagoon, beach, forest or village that you like.
We add the videos of your favorite music. Young singers, for example, will be able to put videos with songs and the best will be rewarded.

Visitors can post photos, video recipes, and write to each other to get acquainted.
Through the chat room t will be possible to book restaurant tables, takeaway pizzas, pies and more.
Traders can take orders without going to the restaurant.

The social network will be advertising. Advertising revenue will be divided 70% to the social network and 30% to the members. There will be games to attract visitors from your restaurant’s sites.

There will be 20 to 25 logos, click on a number in one of the logos, if the number comes out you will win what is in the logo. Everyone can play for free and win several times a day the prize in the logo, even a Ferrari, or a Ford or a Fiat, a washing machine or a pack of pasta or something else.
There will also be other games, such as slot machine, and more.

Between the visitors of the social network some will be selected, from 2 to 6 people, of the same family or just friends and will win a gift to be agreed upon, such a trip to a city, all inclusive, for a week (to determine the place and date of the stay).

You can create a group on your favorite restaurant page to chat with others and organize parties in the restaurant and see photos or videos of parties (non-vulgar) and publish recipes combined with their favorite wines.

The socialnetworkristoranristoran thanks everyone who wants to enroll and enter our great community.

In this social network it is forbidden to cheat, to use it improperly, to negatively criticize, to write swear words, to post photos or porn videos. The social network will only be used to introduce restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops or other activities, to introduce other dishes, combined with wines, beers and your city.

Changes to the social network are permitted only to the president, and will be made only to improve it.

Advertising will not be invasive: games will be matched with advertising and that’s why they are free.

When the social network has profits, one part will be used for research and to help work in the world.

The socialnetworkristoranristoran is an idea of ​​Matterazzo Claudio, the president.

Registration 190 euro year + VAT (232 Euros total). The cost includes the creation of your personal page with the inclusion of photos, videos, contacts and address of the activity that you simply send via email.

Thanks to everyone, technicians and those who helped to grow socialnetworkristoranristoran.

Matterazzo Claudio

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