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Your page on socialnetworkristoranristoran costs only 232 euros / year (including taxes) and will have the same structural setting of all the other pages that are listed.

Subscribtion is simple!
Just click on the REGISTRATION section found in the site menu, fill in the few data we ask and pay by credit card through PayPal, currently the safest method for online payments.
You need to send your media (videos and photos) to create your public page within a few days. Once you become part of socialnetworkristoranristoran, it will be easier to find yourself on the web and everyone will be able to watch your menu, order a pizza, fried fish or a first course, or book lunch or dinner.

5 useful tips from the socialnetworkristoranristoran Team:

1. To make it easier for you to submit the business content that will be posted on your personal page, try to send us photos and videos that are of good quality and characteristic of your business. Do you have any original recipe? Does your restaurant have a special decor? Are there any details related to your business you are proud of and want to show everyone?

2. Despite your originality, socialnetworkristoranristoran must abide by the equality rules for everyone and stay in the site’s pre-set structural setting. We need photos of: aperitifs, menus, appetizers, first and second courses, wines and liqueurs, cheeses, desserts and photos of your restaurant, interior with furnishings, kitchen, guest at the tables and staff .

3. Send all to, without forgetting the address (geographical location), contacts (phone number, email), eventual website and social profiles (facebook, instagram).

4. We will develop your personalized page by adding more videos from YouTube to foster interest and knowledge even in other areas apart catering and good cooking. Do you have some favorite YouTube videos that you would like to include on your socialnetworkristoranristoran page? Do not hesitate to write your preferences on

5. Do not miss the chance to be part of our community! Socialnetworkristoranristoran is very pleased to share the members each other preferences, to create a space of great conviviality, respecting each and every one. Our mission is to form a social network and to encourage the spontaneous birth of groups, both on thematic topics or on individual restaurants or any of your preferences.
The presence on socialnetworkristoranristoran is an opportunity not to be missed for your business, it’s a new world we want to create with you all!

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